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Is there a way to increase the size of images listed inside photo album sections?

If you have images that you would like to include in your book document in larger size you need to mark them to be listed using more space.

By default, two images are listed next to each other in one line of the book. If only one media item is going to be included in the document or if the number of items included is odd the last media element will be placed centered on the page. If a media element belongs to the media category FBC_PhotoAlbum_FullWidth the image size is increased and only one image is displayed inside one line and optional before other media elements are listed.

It is not possible to find the media category FBC_PhotoAlbum_FullWidth inside FTM, but you can create this category on your own from the Media Detail panel. A file can be assigned to any number of categories. Please have a look at 'How and why do I categorize media elements?' as well.


Here is an example of some images shown in a book about Abraham and Mary Lincoln (Please notice that there are two media elements beeing shown within the vertical margins of the page):

Example page - Two images in a row

In case we would like to enlarge the image of the five dollar bill (Figure 3) to the full width between the vertical margins of the page, we have to assign it to the media category FBC_PhotoAlbum_FullWidth. This needs to be done in Family Tree Maker:

1. Open the Media Detail view by selecting 'View Media Details…' from the context menu of a media element or with a double click on the selected image.
   Media detail view
  Note: Or select the Media Details view in the Media Workspace
   Media Workspace - Detail view
  In booth cases there are no categories listed in the field shown left from the Edit button.
2. Now click the Edit button and assign the media item to the FBC_PhotoAlbum_FullWidth category.
  If the category does not already exist please select Add to create the category as needed by adding a new category.
   Categorize Media - Add new categoryCategorize Media - Specify category
  Now select the created category and select OK to assign the category to the media element.
  Categorize Media - Select category
 3.  Make sure you use the OK button to save your settings when cosing the image as shown below
   Categorize Media - Assigned categories

Now when we recreate the book document the image of the five dollar bill is using the full width between the vertical margins of the page as shown below:

Example page - Two images in a row + enlarged bill

Getting different sizes

The usage of the media category FBC_PhotoAlbum_FullWidth allows showing your important images very large. But in some cases there is not enough room left on the page to show also the text from descriptions or notes under the image. In those cases you may use one of the following media categories to get the image a little bit smaller.

Media category Size
FBC_PhotoAlbum_FullWidth 100% of text width
FBC_PhotoAlbum_90%OfFullWidth 90% of text width
FBC_PhotoAlbum_80%OfFullWidth 80% of text width
FBC_PhotoAlbum_70%OfFullWidth 70% of text width
FBC_PhotoAlbum_60%OfFullWidth 60% of text width
FBC_PhotoAlbum_50%OfFullWidth 50% of text width

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