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What cropping and image manipulation options do I have?

Cropping in general refers to the removal of the outer parts of an image to improve framing. Family Book Creator allows you to specify different cropping and image manipulation operations applied automatically during book creation.

It is possible to select different image manipulation options on the ”Images“ tab inside the ”Preferences“ area. Inside the ”Image manipulation“ list it is possible to specify tailoring options (Square or Passport format), the border style (Rounded corners) and color effect (Grayscale or Sepia) for different types of images included in your book document. Different results are achieved depending on the combination of the settings used for ‘Tailoring’ , ‘Border’ and ‘Color effect’  and are based on the images you have attached to your FTM database. You do not have to manually crop your images.


The tailoring options allow specifying different square tailoring settings. If ”Square (top)“ has been selected the image is (similar to the ”Crop portrait displays” option of Family Tree Maker) cropped to square format and the bottom is trimmed. If ”Square (middle)“ is used a square from the middle of the image is taken and the areas at the top and bottom of the image are cut off. The ”Square (middle)“ allows images to appear similar to the format used for portraits inside Ancestry Member Trees at Ancestry.com.

Below you find some examples which show which parts of the original images are left out depending on the ‘Tailoring’ setting used. The dark areas shown are the areas which are left out. The image chosen in this example is a snippet from a portrait of Charles V (1500–1558), Holy Roman Emperor. The original painting done by Titian, 1548 can be found at Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany.

Border styles

After introducing the tailoring option you may have a look at the different border styles as well.


Tailoring and border styles

The combination of “Square (top)” or “Square (middle)” format and “Circle corners” allows you to crop your pictures to circles shapes. While using “Passport format” together with “Elliptical corners” allows you to crop your pictures to elliptical shapes. You may also try to use “Passport format” together with “Circle corners”.

The following two tables show all possible combinations for ‘Tailoring‘ and ‘Border’ settings.

 Color effects

The following table shows the output of different color effect settings.

Color effects     

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