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Why are there empty pages inside my document?

When writing a document that is divided into sections or chapters, it is not unusual to have each new chapter or section start on an odd-numbered page. The default settings in Family Book Creator are for creating double-sided documents, such as books, together with starting new sections on odd-numbered pages.

This is done by inserting section break (Section Break: Odd Page) before each chapter or section. That tells Word to start the next section on a right hand page (which will be an odd numbered page) and if needed insert a completely blank page as the preceding left hand page.

In the normal viewing modes these blank pages that are automatically inserted by word to make a chapter start on an odd-numbered page do not displayed at all. They do also not have any footer or header. You may have a look at the print preview of your document to see these empty pages. When the document gets printed the missing even pages are just empty pages.

Inside Family Book Creator on the tab page ”Preferences“, ”Page Layout“ it is possible to select the paper size and margins used. Use mirror margins to set up pages for double-sided documents, such as books. If you would like to create your family history in a layout for single-sided printing (e.g. to share your data as PDF file) you may de-select the option ”Mirror margins for two-sided (double-sided) printing“ and select “No page break before new family sections” as page-break setting. The blank pages should be gone after de-select the option ”Mirror margins for two-sided (double-sided) printing“.

It's not a bug, it's a feature...