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Does Family Book Creator work with FTM 2014.1 from Software MacKiev?

As you all may already know Ancestry has transferred FTM to Software MacKiev. And now Software MacKiev has released Family Tree Maker 2014.1 as a free update to existing FTM 2014 users. I'm happy to let you know that Family Book Creator is going to work with the latest FTM 2014 update.

After updating Family Tree Maker to the latest update provided by Software MacKiev Family Book Creator will stop working. This has some technical reasons and can only be fixed by installing an update for Family Book Creator as well.

Please download and install Build 316 or later of FBC only after you first updated your Family Tree Maker 2014 installation to release 2014.1. After i The download link for this free Family Book Creator update is going to be send out to registered FBC Newsletter subscribers. If you are using a licensed version of Family Book Creator you find the download link inside your FBC licensing information as well. If you want to try out Family Book Creator please register for the free FBC Newsletter first.

You may need to uninstall Family Book Creator and reinstall Family Book Creator again if the installation folder of Family Tree Maker 2014 has changed. (For example from "c:\Program Files\Family Tree Maker 2014" to "c:\Program Files\Software MacKiev\Family Tree Maker 2014")

Please note that Family Book Creator is on sale now, because of the great news that FTM has a new home!