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Why are my images not included?

Most often Images are just not included because they are not found on your local disks. In order to include a picture Family Book Creator needs to have access to the image file on your disk. If the image file is not found, the image will be left out and an error message will not be displayed. To ensure all your images are available, go to the media workspace in Family Tree Maker and select "Find missing Media…" from the Media-menu. If you do not get the message "No missing media items", you will need to find your missing media files if you want them included in the book.

Note: Family Tree Maker (FTM) links to the media item and imports a thumbnail of the file. The thumbnail is stored within the FTM database file. The thumbnails are used inside FTM to be able to preview your images fast. But having a thumbnail of an image does not necessarily indicate that the original image file can be accessed from FTM.

The following links may help resolving the missing media issue:

Where the "Find missing Media…" reports that no media items are missing, but media items are not included in the book, you should contact Family Book Creator technical support. Please provide the Family Book Creator settings you are using. Use the ‘Save Settings’ button from the bottom of the 'Preferences' tab to store your current Family Book Creator settings into a .bcs file and send this file together with a description of your issue.

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